My DIY Animatronic Project

3D Modeling


Design and modeling of the animatronic using Fusion360. Various mechanical techniques including the use of a 6 DOF Stewart Platform for the animatronic's neck.

3D Printing


3D Printing using PLA filament and assembly of all the animatronic parts.



Hardware components selection includes DC motors, servo motors, ball bearings, D-shaped & Hex-shaped rods, plastic chains, nuts & bolts, etc.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)


Design, layout and manufacturing of my own PCBs to accomplish various functions such as power supply, motor drivers, LED and NeoPixels drivers, audio playback, SD Card reading and writing,  etc.



Electronic circuits design using Microchip's PIC32MX microcontrollers, Xilinx's XC95 CPLDs, LCD display, matrix keyboard, and more.

Soldering of through-hole as well as surface mount components.

Software Design & Programming


Firmware design and programming of CPLDs (Verilog) and microcontrollers (C++).

Development and implementation of my own plugin architectured animation application (C#).

Follow the AnimaMaestro project on YouTube


Every week, I try to publish a new YouTube video showing my progress on various parts of the project. I have organized my YouTube channel into 8 different video series that are detailed here.